Natural Gas Plant
Natural Gas Plant

Package Natural Gas (Oil Field Gas) Liquefaction and Separation Plants
The company is specialized in purification and separation of pipeline nature gas, coalbed methane, coal-to-gas, coke oven gas and different kinds of various chemical gases, and process design, complete set of equipment supply, EPC, commission supervision, operator training of liquefaction engineering. The company has obtained B qualification for chemical industry engineering design and is qualified for contracting foreign projects.

The 50×104Nm3/d oil field gas separation plant developed by SASPG was awarded the China National Quality Golden Prize.

Since 1998, SASPG has exported to Southeast Asia 2 sets of natural gas liquefaction/separation plants with capacity of 45x104Nm3/d, 28x104Nm3/d respectively, exported to Europe 1 set of natural gas liquefaction and de-nitrogen plant with the capacity of 100t/d. SASPG has undertaken the research work for 260x104 T/year LNG localization project issued by the China National Energy Bureau and supplied 10 sets of 10x104Nm3/d~30x104Nm3/d LNG plants and 20 sets of 50x104Nm3/d~200x104Nm3/d LNG plants.

Gold Medal Awarded by National Quality Awards Approval Committee
National Scientific and Technological Achievement Award
50x104Nm³/d Oil Field Gas Separation Plant in Shengli Oil Field
Burma 45x104Nm³/D LPG Oil Field Gas Separation Plant
Burma 45x104Nm³/D LPG Oil Field Gas Separation Plant
Henan Anyang Liyuan 33000Nm³/h Coke Oven Gas LNG Plant
Henan Bo'ai Sanxia 60x104Nm³/d LNG Plant
18000m³ Full Containment Tank for Hebei Zhangjiakou 100x104Nm³/d Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant
Heilongjiang Shuangyashan 20000Nm³ /h Coke Oven Gas LNG Plant
200×104Nm³/d Cleaning Plant and 30000m³ LNG Storage Tank in Xingsheng, Inner Mongolia
200×104Nm³/d LNG Plant in Xingsheng, Inner Mongolia
Night View for 200×104Nm³/d LNG Plant in Xingsheng, Inner Mongolia