Industrial Gas
Industrial Gas

Our Group adheres to the long-term business development strategy of "selling both dairy cows and milk" and takes the lead in developing gas market in the same industry in China, so as to diversify the business field of the Group.

After many years of development, Our gas production and operation business covers on-site gas production and pipeline supply of industrial gases, expands the market of medical gases, liquid gases and bottled gases, develops the extraction of rare gases krypton, xenon, neon and helium, and vigorously marches into the field of LNG production, logistics and gas use. In addition, in the field of LNG cold energy utilization of air separation to produce industrial gases, it has reached a new stage. It is at the forefront of the world. At present, the industrial gas supply scale is about 300,000 Nm3/h, and the liquid gas output exceeds 5,000 T/D. It can give full play to the advantages of the national gas company network and liquid resources, form a regional gas and liquid operation center, and provide specialized and personalized pipeline gas, liquid and bottled gas supply for different customers.

Through years of accumulation, a number of professionals have been trained and reserved in the fields of gas application, safety and operation, forming a virtuous circle of cooperation with the design and manufacture of air separation equipment and LNG equipment, mutual promotion and common development.

Our goal in gas business is to "ensure safety, reliability, stable operation, low consumption, environmental protection and high quality service", and strive to become a leading enterprise in the field of industrial gas and energy in China.

Industrial Gas & Cryogenic Liquid
The company has covered field gas production, supply of industrial gases like oxygen, argon, nitrogen through pipeline, liquefied industrial gases production (oxygen, argon, nitrogen and etc.), production & transportation and sales of krypton, xenon, and neon rare gas, gas tanks, gas cylinders, LNG liquefaction factory, LNG transportation and filling station and other areas about gas and energy. The scale of gas production and supply is over 220000Nm3/h; the production of liquefied gas and LNG is over 2500T/D and 2000T/D respectively; owns transportation vehicles over 100. The company takes full advantage of widespread gas busines/sups company network and liquid resources forming regionalized gas and liquid operation center to supply professional and individualized pipeline gases, liquid (including LNG) and gas cylinders for different clients. A virtuous cycle of cooperation, mutual promotion and common development with air separation plant/LNG plant on design and manufacture has been formed.

SASPG Zibo Luchuan Gases Co., Ltd 2x16000Nm³/h Air Separation Plant
SASPG Liyang Gases Co., Ltd 10,000 Nm³/h Air Separation Plant
SASPG Changzhi Gases Co., Ltd 30,000Nm³/h and 20,000 Nm³/h Air Separation Plants
Tangshan Ruixin LNG Cold Energy Utilization 723t/d Liquid Air Separation Plant
200×104Nm³/d LNG Plant in Xingsheng, Inner Mongolia