Cryogenic Technology Research Institute
Cryogenic Technology Research Institute

Our Institute is responsible for the development of new technologies, research and development of key technologies and common technologies, research and planning of new technologies and new directions, provide technical support for formulating Group development strategy. As a link between basic research and engineering application research, organize or cooperate with other units to transform basic research results into engineering application. At the same time, It is responsible for the management of technological innovation of Group and continuously improves the core competitiveness of the technology of Group.

Over the years, our Institute has made fruitful achievements in the research and development of key technologies such as super-large air separation technology, large-scale natural gas liquefaction technology, LNG cold energy utilization technology, low purity oxygen air separation technology and rare gas refining technology. Some R & D achievements have been transformed into engineering products, and good social and economic benefits have been achieved.

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